Business Advisory Services

Creating a profitable business starts here

Maintaining and growing a healthy business starts with a complete understanding of the numbers. As business advisors, we dig deep. We look where other accounting firms have not, we ask the tough questions, and we work with you to create a strategic plan for profitability.

Our business advisory services are designed to bring you from where your business is now to where you ultimately want to be, a profitable and growing organization. Your standard accountant can only get you so far, but a business advisor can help you understand the full picture of your business and its potential growth.

Much more than an accounting firm

We don't just run the numbers here at Baystate Advisors Group. Working with you, we become the numbers. When you work with our advisory services, we will discover everything we need to know about the financial stability of your business. We uncover the good and the bad, helping to identify and resolve your pains and struggles. We not only discover how and where income is generated for your business, but we also consult with you on the business decisions that can guide revenue, expenses and profitability.

Through our discovery process, we will find opportunities for growth in your business and we will uncover concerns that you will need to address.

Once our team has a thorough understanding of your business and the financial factors involved, we quickly set out to develop a comprehensive strategy that will begin the process of future growth and profitability. We create a process to deliver clarity, alignment, and a plan forward for achieving the small business owners' goals and vision. We will look forward three years and develop a 12-month blueprint for your business. We will create monthly and quarterly action plans and our team works with you to ensure proper implementation. We will recommend a series of improved accounting practices and other financial tools geared towards building a financially healthy organization.

Our strategy will also encompass short- and long-term goals that include immediate actions your business can take to improve profitability and create an action plan for future projects and goals.

Growth Implementation

As your business advisor, we are going to stick with you and implement sound systems that will help you achieve the goals you have set out for your business. We will implement new accounting procedures, pay close attention to accounts receivables and accounts payable and monitor progress with you on a regular basis. We will create a forecast for growth and with you, monitor future opportunities. That's more than you'll get with your old accounting firm.

Get your business profitable now.